This sleep cap is easy to use. The silk keeps my hair from becoming a bird’s nest overnight. I like it so much that I just bought a second cap!

The perfect night-time companion, this pure silk hair turban is designed to protect hair from breakage and frizz and lock in your natural hair oils

The silk night cap crafted from the softest 22 Momme 100% Grade 6A Mulberry Silk Fabric on both sides, so you can feel comfy all night long

Silk Hair Bonnet | 100% Silk Sleeping Cap | Silk Night Bonnet

22 Momme | one size fits all

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The silk bonnet protects your hair in every way and reduces any abrasion when sleeping.

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Original price was: £59.Current price is: £39.

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The Silk Bonnet can seal the moisture of your hair and increase its shine. The silk sleeping bonnet will also keep protective oil off your pillow and your bed neat and clean



Designed not to fall off when you sleep. This modern designed silk sleeping bonnet creates a lot of room to wrap all your hair, especially for long hair.


Made from 22 momme this silk bonnet for natural hair reduces friction between hair and pillow. Suitable for natural hair, braids, weaves, rollers, hair clamps, long hair, and up-dos. Breathable silk is commonly acknowledged as the ‘human’s secondary skin.

What Does Sleeping With A Silk Bonnet Do?

Sleeping with a silk bonnet keeps your curls luscious, defined, and hydrated while helping to protect hair from split ends and shield against frizz by reducing friction between your hair and your pillow while you sleep.

Silk pillowcases can also help, but silk sleep cap goes the extra mile by fully encasing your hair, keeping friction to a bare minimum.

Plus, silk sleeping bonnets lock in any products that you use on your hair before bed, which means that they actually absorb into your hair, not your pillowcase.

Both silk and satin will do a great job protecting your spirals, but there are a few key differences between the materials:

Silk is a fiber made by the bombyx mori moth. “Real silk feels much more luxurious and has built-in temperature regulation properties so it’s overall more comfortable

See some brands saying their products are made of Mulberry silk? That means that moths have only been fed Mulberry leaves. “This type of silk is considered the highest quality, but not all silk fabrics are Mulberry silk,” says Sachs. If you want a natural and more luxe fiber, silk is your best bet.

Satin fabrics are also made with polyester, though they can be made with other materials as well. “Synthetic satin is smooth while being more affordable and more durable (silk is delicate!).,”

Don’t worry — satin bonnets still offer smoothing and protecting benefits.

Whether you want to protect your tresses with satin or sleep with silk, we have picks that are perfect for every style, length, and budget:

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Is it 100% pure silk?

Of course! All our mulberry silk products are made of the highest grade (6A) of long fibre, 100% pure mulberry silk.

We produce our silk products according to very high standards of quality, and we never use any toxic dyes.

What is 22 Momme Silk?

Momme weight is a means of measuring the quality of silk, and the higher the momme weight, the higher quality the silk is.

Silk with a high momme weight like 22 will appear significantly shinier and more lustrous, and will also last significantly longer (sometimes up to twice as long as silk bedding with a lower momme weight).

What is a Silk Hair Bonnet?
A Silk Hair Bonnet is a luxurious and gentle cap made from high-quality silk fabric, designed to protect your hair from friction, breakage, and tangles while you sleep.
What is a 100% Silk Sleeping Cap?
A 100% Silk Sleeping Cap, also known as a Silk Hair Bonnet, is a cap exclusively made from silk that provides a smooth surface for your hair during sleep, promoting healthier hair.
How does a Silk Night Bonnet differ from a Silk Hair Bonnet?
A Silk Night Bonnet and a Silk Hair Bonnet are the same product, designed to protect your hair while you sleep, with the term “Silk Night Bonnet” indicating its use during nighttime.
What are the benefits of using a 100% Silk Sleeping Cap?
Using a 100% Silk Sleeping Cap offers benefits such as reducing hair frizz, minimizing breakage, preserving hairstyles, and maintaining hair moisture.
Can a Silk Hair Bonnet be worn with various hairstyles?
Yes, a Silk Hair Bonnet can be worn with a wide range of hairstyles, including loose hair, braids, curls, and protective styles, providing gentle hair protection regardless of your look.
Are Silk Night Bonnets suitable for all hair types?
Yes, Silk Night Bonnets are suitable for all hair types, including straight, wavy, curly, and coily hair, as well as for hair that has undergone chemical treatments.
Can a 100% Silk Sleeping Cap help reduce hair tangling?
Yes, a 100% Silk Sleeping Cap helps reduce hair tangling by providing a smooth and frictionless surface that prevents hair strands from rubbing against each other.
How do I care for my Silk Hair Bonnet to maintain its quality?
To care for your Silk Hair Bonnet, follow the care instructions provided by the manufacturer, which may involve gentle hand washing and air drying.
Can wearing a Silk Night Bonnet extend the life of hairstyles?
Yes, wearing a Silk Night Bonnet can extend the life of hairstyles by preventing friction and flattening that can occur when hair comes in contact with a regular pillowcase.
Can a 100% Silk Sleeping Cap contribute to better hair health?
Absolutely, using a 100% Silk Sleeping Cap can contribute to better hair health by reducing damage caused by friction, promoting moisture retention, and helping to maintain the integrity of your hair.


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