This chemise is really soft to touch and is a rich red colour. I ordered a size XL and it fits perfectly. I already have a white one which is so nice I had to buy another one. Lovely to sleep in on these hot summer nights.

This chemise satin nightgown is a popular and classical night dress. The soft smooth and silky touch makes it so comfortable to wear.
Featuring a simple mini full slip with v plunge front, adjustable shoulder straps and hemline

Women’s Satin Negligee | Satin Chemise Nightgown | Silk Satin Nightshirt

Original price was: £39.Current price is: £33.


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The spaghetti adjustable strap and pure satin fabric gives you comfortable and relaxing feeling when wearing.

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Original price was: £39.Current price is: £33.

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womens negligee satin silk
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This satin nightie is meticulously crafted from a blend of 95% Polyester and 5% Acrylic, offering a touch of stretch and a silky-smooth feel. It’s incredibly soft and comfortable, ensuring that it never fades, giving you peace of mind.


Our collection features simple yet alluring mini full slips with a V-plunge front, adjustable shoulder straps, and a hemline that creates an A-line silhouette, gracefully hitting at mid-thigh. This short nightwear adds a touch of allure, making you feel exceptionally sexy and charming.


Designed in an A-line style and boasting a mini length, this satin lingerie with strap nightwear is not only perfect as a slip under dresses but also ideal for capturing artful photographs and wedding ceremonies. It’s an excellent choice for lingerie parties and is equally suitable for comfortable homewear.


This satin lingerie is versatile, making it suitable for everyday wear, home nightwear, as an underdress slip, for romantic Valentine’s Day evenings, memorable date nights, enchanting wedding nights, honeymoon getaways, intriguing role play, and even sultry lingerie parties. It’s the perfect ensemble for wherever your desires take you. Furthermore, it makes for a delightful gift, whether for yourself or your friends, serving as sleepwear, nightwear, or loungewear that exudes elegance and comfort.
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buy red satin silk pyjamas online
buy red satin silk pyjamas online
buy red satin silk pyjamas online
buy red satin silk pyjamas online
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Buy Satin Nightwear Online at the Best Prices

After a long and tiring day, all we look forward to is slipping into some comfortable clothes and dozing off.

For a sound sleep, it is quite essential that the fabric of the nightwear is cozy and comfortable. When it comes to the fabric, nothing quite matches the warmth and comfort that satin offers.

This fabric is pretty much a rage these days, thanks to its silky feel and luxurious appeal. Gone are the days when satin nightwear was only considered apt for honeymoon and special occasions.

They have escaped the confines of luxury wear and they can be used for regular use as well. To get the best quality, go for brands, such as Divastri, Kanika, Klamotten, AV2, Clovia and more. Let us explore a little more about its origin and other important features:


Satin has it origins in the city of Zayton or Zaitun in China. Owing to its popularity, it was exported to different parts of the world. Originally, it was woven out of silk threads and took a lot of time to be prepared.

During the 12th and 13th centuries, it was heavily imported to Italy, majorly for the royal families. After the pathbreaking invention of the power loom and the advent of Industrial revolution, Satin became much accessible to the normal population.

Contrary to the popular belief, satin does not draw its name from its raw material, instead it is essentially the name of a weave. It is made using the process of twill weaving and it is created out of low-twist yarn. Satin can also be created using polyester, wool, cotton and silk. Its distinctive sheen and glossy finish earn it the popularity that it enjoys.

Satin Negligee Versatile and Chic

Whether you’re travelling, heading for your honeymoon or just want to spice up things in the bedroom, satin nightwear will do the trick for you. Its glossy finish and elegant sheen offer a sensual vibe. Satin nightwear is quite lightweight and it feels very cosy.

If you’re under the impression that satin nightwear is very expensive, then drop all your worries ladies, because it’s not. You can get trendy designs at affordable prices without compromising on the quality. Buying a satin nightwear set including robe is also a decent option. You can get a variety of patterns, such as embroidered, floral printed, polka printed, lacy and more. For pregnant women, the option of maternity nighties is also available.

Buy Satin Nighdresses for Women Online Conveniently

Shopping for nightwear can get really daunting, especially with the uncomfortable glances of salesmen at lingerie shops.

You don’t have to deal with that anymore, thanks to online shopping sites. These sites offer you a wide variety of designs right in the comfort of your home.

A few clicks is all you need to get your favourite nightwear delivered at your doorstep. So, what are waiting for? Log on to your favourite shopping site and shop for ladies satin nightwear.

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What makes a Women's Satin Negligee a must-have addition to a woman's nightwear collection?
A Women’s Satin Negligee is a must-have for its sensual elegance and luxurious comfort. It enhances the bedtime experience, making every night special.
How does a Satin Chemise Nightgown offer both comfort and style for a peaceful night's sleep?
A Satin Chemise Nightgown combines comfort and style with its silky-smooth fabric and flattering design, ensuring you sleep peacefully while feeling elegant.
Why should a Silk Satin Nightshirt be a part of every woman's sleepwear collection?
A Silk Satin Nightshirt is a sleepwear essential because it’s incredibly soft against the skin, regulates temperature, and adds a touch of luxury to bedtime.
Are Women's Satin Negligees available in a range of sizes to cater to various body types?
Yes, Women’s Satin Negligees come in various sizes, ensuring there’s a perfect fit for every woman, regardless of her body type.
Can a Satin Chemise Nightgown be worn beyond bedtime, making it a versatile addition to one's wardrobe?
Certainly! A Satin Chemise Nightgown is versatile and can be worn as both sleepwear and an elegant undergarment or even as a layering piece for a chic daytime look.
Is a Silk Satin Nightshirt suitable for all seasons, providing comfort and style year-round?
Yes, a Silk Satin Nightshirt is designed for year-round comfort. Its breathable fabric keeps you cool in summer and warm in winter, making it suitable for all seasons.
How should I care for my Women's Satin Negligee to ensure it maintains its softness and quality over time?
To maintain the softness and quality of your Women’s Satin Negligee, follow the care instructions provided by the manufacturer, which often include gentle washing and avoiding harsh detergents.
Can I wear a Satin Chemise Nightgown as a standalone piece for a romantic evening or special occasion?
Absolutely! A Satin Chemise Nightgown is designed to be both practical and seductive, making it a perfect choice for a romantic evening or special occasion.
How does a Silk Satin Nightshirt compare to traditional nightwear in terms of comfort and style?
A Silk Satin Nightshirt outshines traditional nightwear with its unmatched comfort and timeless style. It’s the epitome of luxurious sleepwear.
Can a Women's Satin Negligee make bedtime feel more special and glamorous?
Absolutely! A Women’s Satin Negligee adds a touch of glamour and luxury to bedtime, making every night feel special and indulgent.


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